This is my son, Michael Pacheco. He is missing. He was last seen in La Habra, Ca on August 6th. He is 25 years old, 5’10” and weighs 145lbs.

On Monday, we filed a missing persons report with the La Habra police department. If you have seen him, or have any information that may help us, please let me, or my daughters, Tiffany Pacheco and/or Alyssa Darling know. Or you can call the La Habra police department.

We are so worried about him! Please pray for his safe return!

Please share!!!


Round 14 Day 4!

Today’s infusion went off without a hitch! No problems with blood return or flow. I’m so glad! Since the TPA worked yesterday, the nurse is saying that it was problem just a fibrin sheath covering the port, allowing for good flow, but not back flow or blood return. Thank goodness! Now I don’t have to go to the hospital and visit Interventional Radiology.

I did have some high blood pressure for the first couple hours of my infusion. Probably because I have so much stress, and not enough support! Thank goodness for my baby, Dallas! He’s the best therapy dog ever! He helped bring my blood pressure down, so I didn’t have to take a Xanax. I’m so thankful for him!

So, I’m done with infusions for this month! Thank goodness! It was a long, stressful week. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many problems in the last year, as I had this month. I’m just glad it’s over! I’m hoping the 4 days of hydration that ran with the IVIG will help with my side effects. Will update after a few days to let you know.

Round 14 Day 3!

The TPA for my port was a success! It took the whole 2 hours, but we finally got blood return, good blood return.

The IVIG ran smooth! Had some lower back pain, that went up my spine and into my head. Only happened when I had to get up to go to the bathroom, or the kitchen. As soon as I settled back into bed, it went away again.

We’re still running some IV fluids along with the IVIG, but I think starting tomorrow, we’re going to run the fluids after the IVIG is done. The thinking here is that since it’s my last day, it’ll help keep any side effects at bay over the weekend. We might just run it like that every month from now on.

Tonight I’m having some lower back pain, but it’s not so bad. I took some ibuprofen, and it’s starting to subside. I think all the stress I’m under right now, is causing me to have a lot of side effects again. For awhile there, I wasn’t getting any side effects, but I’m under a lot of stress right now, and it’s not helping. I’ll probably put some of my CBD lotion on my lower back, neck and head tonight for the pain, and to help me sleep. It really helps.

One more day, and I’m done for this month. I think my regular nurse will be back next month, but I’ll probably miss this nurse that I’ve had for the last 3 months. She’s helped me a lot, but I love my original nurse!

Have a good night!

Round 14 Day 2!

Accessed the port today, but no blood return. The nurse and I weighed our options, got counsel from her company, my doctor, and interventional radiology at the hospital.

According to her company, and the counsel of 2 other nurses, including her boss, it was okay to go ahead and do the infusion.

My nurse called interventional radiology at the hospital, who said that if I came in the first thing they would do would be give me TPA, to help in case of a blockage or clot. They suggested we call my doctor and get an order for that, which my nurse could give me.

Next, my nurse called my doctor. That was several different calls, but we finally got answers. Long story short, the doctor said go ahead and run the infusion, he ordered the TPA for the nurse to try tomorrow, and they’re getting me a referral for interventional radiology to see me Friday, if the TPA doesn’t work.

By the time we finished all those calls back and forth, it was already 10:30 am. My nurse had been at my house since 8am. We’re supposed to start my infusions early, because it takes 7-8 hours to infuse. We finally got done at 5:30pm.

I feel like crap right now. I’m just trying to rest, but I’m so worried about the port. I’m hoping it’s just some fibrin sheath covering the port, and the TPA will dissolve it. I don’t really want to go to the hospital.

They’re supposed to deliver the TPA tonight, so we can try it tomorrow. They said it should be at my house by 9pm. That’s late huh? I think they’re driving it from Santa Fe Springs so I can have it tomorrow. Usually they ship my meds via UPS.

I hope everyone else is doing well. Have a good night. Pray for better luck for me tomorrow!

Round 14 Day 1!

I’m a day late posting this. Didn’t feel like writing yesterday after my infusion!

Monday was day one of treatment for this month. It started off with problems. The port is flushing good and infusing just fine, but it’s not giving any blood return. We went ahead with the infusion, and tried again for blood return after the infusion, but nothing.

We decided to pull the needle out after the infusion was done. The reason for this was that we were hoping that the next day, inserting a new needle and trying to get blood return would work. I’m just glad it infused just fine, and I was able to get my treatment. I didn’t want to go without it, as I’m already starting to feel symptoms before this months treatments started. I wish my doctor would let me do them every 3 weeks, but he won’t

I’m so glad that this guy, Dallas, stayed with me all day. I was having anxiety about the port, and I needed some comfort. He’s the best therapy dog ever! He always knows what I need!

Neurologist appointment!

So, I was sent to see a neurologist by my rheumatologist, as the muscles in my legs are getting worse. I can’t climb stairs or get up from a sitting position without help. I was sent to The Neurology Center, which is a whole slew of doctors, who each deal with different specialties.

When I got there, I had a whole shit load of paperwork to fill out. It gets kind of tough, when your hands cramp up all the time. Took me awhile, but I finally got it all done.

When I was called in to see the doctor, the medical assistant first did my height, weight and blood pressure. I lost 4 pounds. That makes me happy. I guess being gluten free and dairy free is helping. Then, I was put into a room to wait for the doctor. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long.

When the doctor came in, he introduced himself, looked over the notes from my rheumy, then asked me how I got into his clinic? Huh? What? He said he specializes in Epilepsy, not the muscle diseases that I was there for. He was very nice though, and said he would do my assessment, then refer me to the correct doctor.

After my assessment was over, he tells me that I’m in bad shape, and was going to schedule me for an EMG, which, I guess is some sort of muscle test. After that, depending on what this test says, I’ll be scheduled for a muscle biopsy. He also said he’ll make me an appointment with the correct doctor for me to see after the EMG.

So, I’m scheduled for the EMG on August 16th, and then I have an appointment with the right doctor, but not till September 20th. I asked to be put on the list in case a patient cancels. I don’t want to have to wait till September to get my results, see the new doctor, schedule the biopsy, and find out what the hell is going on with my muscles. I hope they call me sooner. I’ve waited long enough, and have gotten worse over the last 3 years. It’s time for some answers.

I hope everyone else’s health is going better than mine.

Have a good week people!

A little FYI!

So, it’s been several days since my IVIG infusions. I’ve been trying to rest as much as possible, because I feel so tired and weak. I had a rough time this round, and I don’t know why. That’s why we started running an IV bag along side the IVIG. Let me tell you, it so helped!

Usually the weekend after my IVIG, I’m hurting so bad, that you can’t even touch me. My skin hurts to the touch, and I’m in so much pain. Because I got an IV bag with my IVIG last Thursday, my pain wasn’t so bad on Saturday, like usual. Next round, I’ll be getting an IV bag each day with my IVIG. If after only 1 day of an IV bag helped that much, I’m hopeful that 4 days of an IV bag will help with side effects and the pain that I get the weekend after my infusions.

So, my advice to you all on IVIG, ask for an IV bag to run alongside. It helps so much!

I’m off to the neurologist tomorrow. So nervous! Will update about that in another post!


Round 13 Day 4!

So this is how my infusions will be going from now on. Since I had bad side effects yesterday, we are now running an IV bag of saline alongside the IVIG. Doctors orders! I’m really hoping this works, and even helps with the side effects I have for the 3 days or so after my infusions. Please let it help! The side effects just about kill me!

Luckily I had this guy with me all day. I don’t think I would’ve gotten through the day with out him. He stayed right on the bed with me all day. He really knows when I need him, and is always there. He’s the best emotional support dog ever!

So, side effects weren’t too bad today with the saline running alongside the IVIG. I only had lower back pain, but it didn’t last very long. It kept coming back every time I had to get up, but as soon as I settled back into bed and got comfortable, it went away. I’m glad I didn’t get the headache. It’s the worst!

I’ve been laying on the couch since about 5pm, and now my body is starting to hurt. I’m having some achy, throbbing, stabbing kind of pain. I think a headache is coming on now. I think I’m going to go take some ibuprofen, until bed time when I can vape some mmj.