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Asani Electric Kettle Review!

This Electric Glass Hot Water Kettle is double-walled and has a digital temperature control. The carafe has a capacity of 1.7 L and has measurements marked on it for easy measuring (0.5 L, 1 L, 1.5 L, 1.7L). The inner wall of the carafe is made of FDA-approved glass with a food-grade stainless steel bottom and the outer wall is made of a BPA-free plastic. The digital temperature control makes it easy to set the temperature of the water and can be adjusted by 1 degree or 10 degree increments (short press for 1 degree and long press for 10 degree on the + button or – button). I like this feature because you have the ability to control the exact temperature of the water. There is a keep warm function that allows you to set a temperature and the kettle will keep the water at that temperature for up to 12 hours. The kettle does have boil-dry protection, which prevents you from setting the keep warm function to a temperature over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. When the kettle is heating the water it has blue illuminating LED lights to give it a unique look.

The kettle is simple to use and easy to clean as well. There is a tea infuser that is included and it easily locks onto the lid of the kettle. The tea infuser is really nice and works well. I like that it boils the water a lot faster than a stovetop kettle, and even faster than using a microwave. While boiling the water, the sides of the carafe do not get hot, but the top stainless steel piece and the lid do get hot. The power base keeps the power cord neatly stored underneath of it when it’s not being used. The kettle has a detachable power base, making the carafe itself cordless. I like the detachable power base because the kettle is more portable and easier to clean. The power base has a cord keeper slot that keeps the cord securely in place when it’s stored and also allows the base to sit flat when the kettle is being used.

Overall, the product works really well and has excellent quality. I recommend this electric kettle, because it works well and has great features.

I received this product for free in exchange for a review, but all opinions are completely my own.

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Round 27!

I had round 27 the first week of July. Because of the holiday, and the fact that I do 4 days of infusions, I had to do 2 days, skip the holiday, then do the last 2 days. I’ve never done this before, and my body hated every minute of it. On the 4th of July, I was in so much pain and had a lot of fatigue, that I didn’t even go outside to watch the fireworks. I stayed in bed all day!

Side effects weren’t that bad this round, and the 3 days after infusions weren’t that bad either. I’m not sure why. Maybe I was hydrated enough. I’m just glad they weren’t bad. I did sleep through most of my infusion each day. The fatigue is still a killer for me.

My regular nurse, Elizabeth was back, so that was nice. It makes it so much easier and stress free when I have my regular nurse. She’s been with me for 2 years now, so she knows all about my side effects and such, and is able to speed up or slow down my infusion as necessary.

Next round, 28, I’m supposed to change brands of IG. They said Gammaplex, but things can change again before they ship my meds and supplies out to me. Besides, I still have to wait for a new authorization for treatments. I saw my doctor the other day, and they started working on the authorization that day. Round 28 is supposed to be on the 23rd, so I’m hoping everything comes through with the insurance before then.

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Freewise Personal Fan Review!


This is the portable, usb rechargeable, personal fan from Freewise. It has 3 speeds, and blows a good amount of air. I’ve been using it while putting my makeup on during this hot weather. It’s also perfect for traveling, as it fits right in your bag.

Here is some specs on this fan:

– Multi-purpose, for traveling, camping, hiking, backpacking and office.
– Long play time, With 18650 of 3350 ma Rechargeable Battery( Built-in), It can play 3 to 10 Hours.
– Portable Design, it is only 4.13 * 8.15 * 1.65 Inch, you may put it in your bag or pocket.
– One year warranty on Labor and Parts by factory.
This hand held personal fan has strong soft wind with the 3D blades design, it has a stylish base,
Good for office, kitchen, small party, camping, picnic, hiking, traveling and more.
Size: 4.13(diameter) * 8.15(height) * 1.65(thickness) inch
Weight: 5.8 oz (not including base)
Power consumption: 4W
Battery Built-in: 18650 with 3350 mAh (USB rechargeable)
Packing Size:4.5in*3.3in*8.9in
Packing Weight:339g
Quiet level:
normal speed: 40 dB
Medium speed: 59dB
High speed: 63 dB
Charging Time: (USB Charger not included)
About 2 hours with 2A charger
About 3.5 Hours with general charger

If you’d like to purchase this fan, you can get it here: