Round 14 Day 1!

I’m a day late posting this. Didn’t feel like writing yesterday after my infusion!

Monday was day one of treatment for this month. It started off with problems. The port is flushing good and infusing just fine, but it’s not giving any blood return. We went ahead with the infusion, and tried again for blood return after the infusion, but nothing.

We decided to pull the needle out after the infusion was done. The reason for this was that we were hoping that the next day, inserting a new needle and trying to get blood return would work. I’m just glad it infused just fine, and I was able to get my treatment. I didn’t want to go without it, as I’m already starting to feel symptoms before this months treatments started. I wish my doctor would let me do them every 3 weeks, but he won’t

I’m so glad that this guy, Dallas, stayed with me all day. I was having anxiety about the port, and I needed some comfort. He’s the best therapy dog ever! He always knows what I need!


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