A little FYI!

So, it’s been several days since my IVIG infusions. I’ve been trying to rest as much as possible, because I feel so tired and weak. I had a rough time this round, and I don’t know why. That’s why we started running an IV bag along side the IVIG. Let me tell you, it so helped!

Usually the weekend after my IVIG, I’m hurting so bad, that you can’t even touch me. My skin hurts to the touch, and I’m in so much pain. Because I got an IV bag with my IVIG last Thursday, my pain wasn’t so bad on Saturday, like usual. Next round, I’ll be getting an IV bag each day with my IVIG. If after only 1 day of an IV bag helped that much, I’m hopeful that 4 days of an IV bag will help with side effects and the pain that I get the weekend after my infusions.

So, my advice to you all on IVIG, ask for an IV bag to run alongside. It helps so much!

I’m off to the neurologist tomorrow. So nervous! Will update about that in another post!



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