Round 13 Day 4!

So this is how my infusions will be going from now on. Since I had bad side effects yesterday, we are now running an IV bag of saline alongside the IVIG. Doctors orders! I’m really hoping this works, and even helps with the side effects I have for the 3 days or so after my infusions. Please let it help! The side effects just about kill me!

Luckily I had this guy with me all day. I don’t think I would’ve gotten through the day with out him. He stayed right on the bed with me all day. He really knows when I need him, and is always there. He’s the best emotional support dog ever!

So, side effects weren’t too bad today with the saline running alongside the IVIG. I only had lower back pain, but it didn’t last very long. It kept coming back every time I had to get up, but as soon as I settled back into bed and got comfortable, it went away. I’m glad I didn’t get the headache. It’s the worst!

I’ve been laying on the couch since about 5pm, and now my body is starting to hurt. I’m having some achy, throbbing, stabbing kind of pain. I think a headache is coming on now. I think I’m going to go take some ibuprofen, until bed time when I can vape some mmj. 



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