Round 12 Day 4!

One year on IVIG is now complete. I can’t believe I’ve been on it for this long. 

This round went well. I had a different nurse this month, as my regular nurse is really sick and will be out for 2 months. It wasn’t the same without her, but this new nurse was really nice. She’s very soft spoken. I’m probably going to have her for my nurse again next month, until my regular nurse comes back. 

This guy stayed with me all day! I didn’t even have to unhook from my Port to take him out to pee. He just wanted to lay by my side! I’m so thankful for him. He’s the best dog ever. He really helps me so much, especially with my anxiety and stress. I don’t know what I’d do without him. 

Had to take my daughter and her boyfriend to the airport after my infusion was done. I really wasn’t feeling so good, but it was nice to spend a little bit of time with them before they head back to Hawaii. It took us almost 2 hours to get home from the airport, but what can you do? We were driving in rush hour traffic. I hope to get out to Hawaii soon for a much needed health break. I feel so much better when I’m out there.

Well, that’s it! One year done! I go see my doctor on the 28th. I’m hoping he continues to keep me on it. I go get lab work done next Saturday, so I’m hoping I can prove to him that the IVIG works. 

Have a good weekend!


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