Round 12 Day 3!

Again, I’m a day behind posting my infusion update. Day 3 was yesterday. 

I had both my babies with me most of the day on my bed during my infusion. This is my cat, Justice. He’s a Maine coon cat, and is 8 years old. He’s been with me the longest. 

This guy, was with me too, as usual. If you don’t know who he is, his name is Dallas, and he’s always with my during my infusions. He’s my emotional support dog. He’s the best! He’s 4 years old. I got him when he was 2 years old. 

The infusion went well yesterday. No real side effects from the IVIG. Of course, I got a little lower back pain whenever I got up to go the bathroom or kitchen, but as soon as I got back into bed and got settled, it went away. I’m glad I no longer get the awful headaches. Those went away several months ago. I also think I fell asleep a couple times through the infusion, but not for long. Maybe 20 minutes here and there. For some reason, this month’s infusions have really made me so tired. More so then any other month. It’s weird. Other than that, all is good, and all went well.  The port is working like a charm! I’m so happy with it!

That’s it for now. 


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