Round 11 Day 4!

This is how I feel today! Seriously! I’m so glad this months IVIG infusions are over. It was a long 4 days. I’m exhausted, in a little pain, and just completely overwhelmed. 

Today was a rough day. For some reason, my blood pressure was high. I have no idea why. I took a Xanax, and it brought my blood pressure down. I couldn’t take my blood pressure meds to help with this, as I’d already taken them this morning and last night. At least the xanax helped. I was also so fatigued, but every time I tried to doze off, I just couldn’t. I’m hoping I’ll get some good sleep tonight. Any suggestions?

I’m not looking forward to the next few days of pain and side effects. It’s totally going to ruin my birthday this weekend, but I’m just going to try and rest as much as possible. Everyone can kiss my ass this weekend. I’m not doing a damn thing. I’m just hoping the hubby planned a dinner for me for my birthday Sunday, but I doubt it. He hasn’t done anything for my birthday in 11 years! 

Have a good weekend everyone! 


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