Round 11 Day 3!

Along with having my third IVIG infusion for this week, it is also World Lupus Day. Crazy that I’m fighting Lupus, and having an infusion on this day, but this is my life. 

I don’t really like taking pictures of myself, but I thought since it was World Lupus Day, that I would post a selfie wearing purple to represent my fight, and raise awareness. Did you all wear purple today?

So, my infusion went well today. I had a little lower back pain, but only when I had to get up to go to the bathroom, or take my dog out. I’ve been drinking plenty of water, so the pain usually subsides as soon as I sit back down and get comfortable. This guy stayed with me all day. He always helps me get through the day!

One more day of infusions, and I’m done for the month. 


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