Round 11 Day 1!

Another month, another round of IVIG. What sucks is that it’s my birthday this coming weekend, and I’ll be recovering from this weeks treatments. Hopefully, by Sunday, (my birthday), I’ll be able to go out to dinner at least. Hopefully the hubby planned something, but I’m going to say right now that I know he didn’t. He’s never done anything for my birthday, or anniversary in the last 11 years, but that’s a whole other blog post.

Right now I’m feeling okay. I finished my infusion a couple hours ago. I think I fell asleep for an hour or so. At least that’s what my nurse said. I swear I could still hear everything going on around me while sleeping though. Who knows. 

Also, the hubby was home all day today, so I felt so uncomfortable and stressed all day. He’s not usually home, but he had a scheduled day off, as we were supposed to go out of town this past weekend, and it didn’t happen (long story). Anyway, I don’t like him home when I’m doing infusions, because he doesn’t want anything to do with my health issues, because it’s too much for him. I think I’ve talked about this before. Thankfully, he stayed in the living room all day, and don’t bug me much. 

Well, tomorrow is day two. I’m praying for minimal side effects, as day two is usually the day side effects, if any, start to emerge. At least, if I do get any, they’re not as bad as the first few months were. Those were horrible.

Have a good night!


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