Round 10 Day 3!

This guy is my caretaker today, and everyday, but especially today as I do my 3rd day of IVIG infusions. He is always by my side, but more so the week of my infusions each month. He just knows I need him, and I’m ever so grateful for him. When I rescued him, I knew I was saving him, but he he became my emotional support dog, and he really saved me. My anxiety is so much more under control with him around.

I’m really not feeling this infusions today! I’m so exhausted, and just don’t feel like doing this. It takes forever, and ruins my whole day. Actually, doing these infusions every 4 weeks really ruins my whole month. They are a week out of my life, then at least a week to recover, so in actuality, I only have 2 good weeks out of the month to do things I can and want to do. I work my life around those 2 weeks. I try to get out and go do stuff during those weeks, but since I feel depressed, I usually don’t want to go do anything. It sucks! I do want to go get another tattoo, so maybe before my next week of infusions I’ll go do that. Of course I’ll post a picture so you all can see it!

These two bottles are what I do everyday. It takes 8 hours to infuse. I also take Tylenol, Claritin, and a syringe full of Solu-Medrol before each days infusion. It’s supposed to help with any side effects I may have. 

That’s it! I’m finally done for the day. Thank goodness! I’m so tired now. I also have a slight headache. I’m going to take some ibuprofen and chill on the couch for the rest of the night. One more day, and I’m done for this month. Next month, I am unfortunately doing my infusions my birthday week. Sucks, I know, but I have to stay on the 4 week track or it throws off my lab work, and my body can tell. 

Have a good night everyone! 


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