Round 10 Day 2!

Today’s infusion was kind of rough. I’m not sure why. Maybe because of all the stress I’m going through, maybe I’m not drinking enough water before and after my infusions, maybe I’m just fed up! 

My blood pressure was up during my infusion, I was having lower back pain, headache and overall, just feeling like crap! I don’t usually feel like this anymore during my infusions. I’m past all the stupid side effects, but today was different. Even my nurse noticed something was up, and that I seemed to have a lot on my mind. We are attributing all these side effects to that. 

Today was also National Pet Day, and as always, Dallas, my emotional support dog was by my side all day. He’s so good when it comes to my infusions. He just knows I need him, and lays right next to me all day. I just love him so! He’s the only support I have at home, so it’s nice to have him next to me. Sometimes I wish he could talk back, so when I tell him all my problems, he could give me some advice. At least he knows how to make me feel better.

Day 3 tomorrow. This week of infusions is almost over. Thank goodness! 

Have a good night!


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