Here comes the pain!

Today is the day after my week long IVIG infusions. The pain has begun! I always get this all over, horrible body and skin pain. It hurts so bad, and affects my whole body, from head to toe.

The pain feels like I got hit by a train. Not the regular ‘hit by a train’ lupus pain either. This pain is the worst of the worst. It hurts to move, lay down, sit, etc. It also makes my skin hurt so bad too. It feels like a deep burning pain. No one can even touch me during this time. Even taking a shower hurts so bad, with the water hitting my skin. Ouch! 

For the next two to three days I’ll be like this. I won’t sleep or feel comfortable at all. No amount of pain medication will help. It’s like the IVIG shocks my body, and my body hates it! 

Anyone else on IVIG get this way? Does anything help you? Let me know.

Have a good weekend!


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