Round 8 Day 4!

Well, this month is a wrap! I’m done with my IVIG infusion for another 4 weeks. I can’t believe how smoothly this month went with the port. It didn’t hurt, except when my nurse first stuck me on Monday. I kept the needle in the port all week. It was nice not to have to be stuck a dozen times, like we had to with my veins.

Not feeling so well now. I’m having a slight headache and lower back pain, but it’s not as bad as it used to be when I first started IVIG infusions. Oh my goodness! The pain was so bad! I’m also so very exhausted! I haven’t slept well all week. I don’t sleep very well anyway, but this week has been worse. I usually don’t sleep well the week of my infusions, as I have to get up early to get the infusions started, because it take 8 hours to do them. I’m hoping to get as much rest as possible for the next few days. Hopefully the family will let me.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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