Totally forgot!

I’m so sorry! I totally forgot to update this blog with what happen about my appeal for my IVIG infusions. It’s been quite a rough road, but I do have some news… I won my appeal! Yay!
I wish it was that easy, but it’s been a long week. I won the appeal last Friday, but it seems no one speaks to each other, so I didn’t even speak to the person to schedule my infusions till yesterday.

From Friday till today, it’s been back and forth conversations with so many different people, with so many different answers, that I got a migraine. It seems that I was approved, but each person got a different approval with different lengths of authorization. It was supposed to be approved for another 6 months, but as of yesterday, I was even told that I was only approved for 10 visits, which would only give me 2 1/2 months of infusions, as I do 4 days of infusions every 4 weeks. This whole thing has been so bad, that I was even assigned a case manager by my insurance company to fight all this for me.

As of speaking with my case worker this morning, it seems that it’s all been worked out for now. I’m approved thru the end of August for infusions. I’m so tired of this having to be a fight every single time we need a new authorization. It’s so stupid! They have proof from my doctor with lab work that shows the IVIG is working. I don’t understand why my insurance company has to mess with my quality of life all the time.

So, I’m scheduled to restart my infusions next week. I’m only 2 weeks behind. I’m so pissed about that. If I have to start all over with side effects again, I’m going to be pissed, and my case worker is going to hear about this. Those side effects are no joke. Also, because my whole schedule has been thrown off, I’ve had to cancel plans and stuff I had scheduled, because I don’t want to mess with my new IVIG schedule.

Have a good weekend everybody!


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