So pissed!


I so hate my health insurance! I just don’t understand them! Why would they approve me to get a port put in, then deny me continued IVIG infusions? So stupid!

I had the port put in two weeks ago, as my veins are shot. My next IVIG infusion was supposed to start yesterday, January 30th, but my insurance was taking their sweet time deciding whether they were going to approve continuing them. Monday came and went without any answer. Finally today, I get a call from my doctor’s office saying the insurance denied them. I immediately filed an appeal/grievance with Managed Healthcare. This is the third time I’ve had to do this. It’s really not fair that I have to fight for my health, and quality of life. I wrote in my appeal that this was an urgent matter, so hopefully they’ll approve this quickly. They usually do.

So, now I sit and wait! I’m so scared that this is going to take awhile. If it takes too long, then I could potentially have side effects from my infusions, like I did for the first three rounds of infusions. It took my body awhile to get used to it. I don’t want to go through all that again.

Please pray this goes quickly. This port is going to need to be flushed soon, and/or taken out if they don’t approve this. Plus, I’m so stressed from all this that I feel like crap, and I’m in a huge flare!

United Healthcare is really fucking with my life!


4 thoughts on “So pissed!

  1. I have united as well and they fucking suck. They rejected insulin for my type one diabetic brother, and tried to force him to take an insulin that he has become immune to. I’ll be praying that your appeal goes though and they give you the coverage you deserve!

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