Round 7 Day 4!

I’m so glad today is the last day of these infusions for this month. It’s been a rough week! I’ve been stuck, trying to find a vein that’ll work over a dozen times this week. My veins are shot, and my doctors office is taking their sweet time getting a new authorization for my port to be put in. Right before New Years, they got an authorization to see a general surgeon to have it put in, but that’s not who puts ports in. It has to be an interventional radiologists. So, now I wait again for a new auth. They better have it before next months infusions, because my veins can’t take anymore.

So glad I have a lot of things to keep me company on these long, 8 hour days. I have my iPad, iPhone, and I have Kodi on my Amazon Fire Stick, so I can watch anything I want.

Have a good weekend!


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