Doctor appointment day!

So, today was doctor appointment day. I originally only had 1 appointment, just with my rheumatologist, but lately my blood pressure has been high, so I decided to make an appointment with my primary care doctor. Luckily, they’re in the same building, same floor, so it all worked out.

The first appointment of the day was my primary care doctor. He’s the one who fills my blood pressure medication. I absolutely love him! He’s a very caring doctor. I love that he takes the time, no matter how long it is, with each and every patient.

Anyway,I spoke to him about how my blood pressure has been really high lately, especially during my infusions. I showed him my findings, (I keep track of them in the health app on my iPhone), plus showed him the ones from my nurse during the week of my infusions. He agreed that they’re high, and decided to increase my morning med, Lisinopril from 20mg to 40mg. He said that we’d keep my night time med, Atenolol at 50mg. I also told him that I just recently had some lab work done on Monday for my rheumy, and I asked him if it was possible to call the lab and add a hormone level to that blood, since I believe I might be in a premenopausal state. He also wanted to check my TSH level, since I’m on Synthroid. Luckily, the lab was able to add the hormone test, and they had already done a TSH level. (It’s fine). I also talked to him about getting a fill for my Xanax, since my rheumatologist won’t do it. He, of course said yes, since I don’t abuse it, and only take it when medical marijuana doesn’t help.

So, at the end of this appointment, he told me that the office would call me in the next day or two to give me the results of my hormone level, and any action we need to take. He also asked me to call him in a week with blood pressure results, so we know if the increase of Lisinopril is working, or making my blood pressure too low. Successful appointment!

Appointment number two was to my rheumatologist. This doctor I don’t like very well. He’s not very caring, and doesn’t like that I know more about my health then he does. He also doesn’t like his patients to dictate the care they want to him, which I put to the test today. Yikes!

So, this was my regular check up with my rheumatologist. I last saw him in October. I usually see him every two to three months. This appointment was also to see if IVIG is actually working for my lupus. I’ve now been on it for a full six months. A good indicator of whether its working is the CK level. In October, my CK level was 1093. In the months before that, it was even higher. My CK level this month was 294! Yes, 294! I can’t believe it! It’s actually working! No one is in more shock then I am! 294 is still high, but at least its not in the thousands like its been for the last couple years. I’m so stoked! Unfortunately, IVIG is really hard on my veins, and now my veins are completely shot. I talked to my doctor about getting a port put in. I’ve actually been talking to him about it for the last couple months, but he kept shooting me down with some bullshit, but today I insisted, and it worked! He’s going to put in a referral to a general surgeon to have it put in. I don’t think it’ll be done before my next infusion in January, due to the holidays, but at least the ball is rolling. I’m not excited about getting a port, as it just makes it even more real that I’m chronically sick, but at least my veins will get a break. There’s also a risk of infection with a port, but I know how to take care of it, as I used to be a nurse.

So, that’s it! My doctor appointment day is finally done. I’m hoping all goes well with everything. I don’t go back to see my rheumy until March, but will have the appointment with the surgeon soon. Hoping I won’t have to go back to my primary doctor with any complications of my blood pressure. Please pray my blood pressure gets under control.

Merry Christmas everyone!





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