Denied again!

I can’t believe this bullshit! Got a call yesterday from the people who handle my infusions saying that my doctors office told them that I’ve been denied my IVIG this month. Say what? My next round of treatment is supposed to be next week. WTF? My doctors office didn’t even call me to let me know.

Called my rheumatologist office and gave them hell! Really? Denied, and I’m only finding out now. I’m so pissed at them, but I’m even more pissed at United Healthcare for doing this shit to me. Like one round of treatment is supposed to be able to tell if IVIG is helping my lupus and myopathy. Stupid insurance! Why are they always fucking around with my quality of life. I told my doctors office that too. It’s so not fair to me.

So, again, I filed a claim with The Department of Managed Healthcare here in California. I’ve had good luck with them telling my insurance company and medical group to get their shit together and approve, and pay for my treatments. It really sucks that I always have to take care of this shit myself. I’ve never had such trouble with getting stuff approved, as I have with United Healthcare. It’s starting to get out of control! They deny every little thing my doctors wants me to do. So ridiculous!

Hoping to find out by Friday if anything has been approved. I still don’t think they’ll have it all straightened out so I can do my infusions next week though.

Will keep you posted!


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