Denied again!

It’s been three weeks since I’ve been to see my rheumatologist. During my last visit, we discussed switching from Rituxan to IVIG, as my lab work showed that Rituxan isn’t working as well as we hoped. My ck level is now back into the thousands again. Anyway, I called my rheumatologist office this morning, and spoke to the lady who does all the authorizations, and she said my stupid insurance denied the IVIG. I find that weird, as they approved it once before when we were trying to get Rituxan approved. Anyway, she told me I should start filing my complaint with the Department of Managed Healthcare again. I did this once before when I was denied for Rituxan, and it worked. It got approved so fast after that. So, I filed my complaint this morning. It’s so frustrating, that as a patient, I have to deal with all this crap. I feel like doctors offices should work harder to get this shit approved, or do what it takes to appeal and complain on their own, with the patient having to take care of all this. I mean, I understand that I’m the patient, but I already have enough stress of trying to live everyday with this damn illness. I shouldn’t have to deal with insurance companies and such. Don’t these people understand that they’re messing with my quality of life? I can barely function as it is. I don’t need the added stress!

So, it’s now another waiting game. Since it’s already Thursday, I probably won’t hear anything until next week. Then once it gets approved, I have to wait until they figure out who or where I’m getting the infusions done, how often, and then making the appointments. Whew! Hopefully I can get these infusions started before the end of the month. Please!

I’ll update again when I find out anything.


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