Round 34!

Last week was round 34. I had some nurse I didn’t even know. My regular nurse was out sick. I didn’t find out until this new nurse called me the night before. I really wish they wouldn’t do this. I’ve asked them to give me a heads up if my regular nurse can’t make it, but they never do. 

The week went okay. Found out I can’t do my saline fluids along with the gammaplex. It was okay when I was on gammagard, but with gammaplex you can’t. I’m only finding this out now, because this new nurse has another patient on gammaplex, and the pharmacist had told her. I can’t believe this! I’ve been on gammaplex for months now. These people can’t get their shit together. I’m so tired of it! Anyway, so the way I have to do it is, 500 cc of the fluids before I start the IVIG and then 500 cc after IVIG. I guess I’m going to have to explain this to any nurse I have in the future, which isn’t my job. 

Side effects were the same as always, with aseptic meningitis being the worse. Migraines just about killed me. I took my migraine medication to help, but the weekend after my infusions, the migraines were so bad, I just slept the weekend away. 


Not sure who my nurse is going to be for my next infusions, as my regular nurse is supposed to be out of town. I hope it’s somebody I know.


Round 33! This post is 3 weeks late!

OMG! I started this post on November 7th, and never finished it. Things have been so hectic lately.

This round, as far as I can remember, went pretty well. Same side effects, blood pressure was up and down, and same stressors during the week. My migraines are back in full force so I’m on medication for them also. Not sure if the IVIG is making them worse.

I, again, slept through my infusions this week. I just can’t, for the life of me stay awake. Then, I don’t sleep at night. Partly because I sleep during the day, and partly because of the steroids they give me as pre-meds before my infusions.

I remember being out of it and in pain for about 5 days after the infusions were done. I tried to rest as much as possible, but in this house, it’s almost impossible.

That’s all I remember!

Salamandra Kids Play Tent

Got this cute princess play castle for my granddaughter from Amazon. Quick and easy to assemble. Just pop it up and insert the support rods. Comes in a carry bag. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. My granddaughter loved it!



Here’s the specs on it:

    • This play tent brings extra fun for children, whether you use it for indoor or outdoor play. It is useful for setting up a fun and fun play area.
    • In the lower part, the tent is provided with textile material, so it can be successfully placed outdoors without the danger of soiling the toy and toys.
    • The tent is built on a flexible structure and can be easily mounted whenever the child wants to play. Quickly opening and folding the play tent makes it easy to store. The product is intended for use indoors or outdoors and can be used simultaneously by many children.
    • With this fairy castle tent, your kids can create a kingdom in any corner inside / outside your house.
    • Mesh windows for improved airflow, Durable polyster fabric, ideal for holidays and travel.
    • Comes in a handy carry bag for portability, holiday, beach, grandparents house.
    • It comes with a PORTABLE zipper carry bag just 16″ x 15.7″ x 2.7″ and very convenient to carry outside.
    • Enough room for 2-3 little princesses to play. Pop up size 41″ x 53″ (105 x 135 cm).
    • Safe polyester blend fabric martial.
    • Reinforced pole-pocket.
    • Two windows for ventilation.
    • Suitable for children over 6 months up.


  • 1 x Play Tent
  • 4 x Poles
  • 1 x Carry Bag

Purchase here:

Voneta Globe String Lights Review!




I’m loving these cute little, battery operated globe lights by Voneta. There are 40 LED warm lights, that can be used for all holidays or decors.They are also perfect for patios and balconies, because they can be used indoors or outdoors.

When lit, they have a little sparkle, that will be perfect for my Christmas decor. Right now, I have them on my dining room table centerpiece. Can’t wait to use them for Christmas!


These lights are much smaller than I thought they would be, but I still love them nonetheless. They are going to be perfect for whatever I use them for.

Product Details:

  • 40 LEDs
  • Battery Operated
  • 2 modes: flash/steady
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • 13.2 feet
  • Warm White

Purchase here


Round 32!

I can’t believe I’ve been on IVIG for so long. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be on it, but as long as it helps me to keep walking, I guess I’ll continue. I’m going to talk to my neurologist about it.

Day 1 went well. It hurt a little getting stuck with the needle in my port, but not too bad. The flow went well, no problems.

Day 2 was okay. Slept most of the infusion, but woke up with a killer headache that was felt from my neck to my head. I need to talk to my neurologist about my headaches, as my migraines are coming back. I used to be on Botox for migraines several years ago. Maybe I need to start on it again, or even something else. I get headaches or migraines everyday, not just during infusions.

Day 3 was killer. Aseptic meningitis was horrible! Thank goodness my chiropractor called and said they had a cancellation and could get me in. So grateful! It helped so much!

Slept till noon during my infusion. I really wish I could stay awake like I used to. I don’t understand why I’m so tired and sleep thru it now.

Day 4 and done! It went okay. The aseptic meningitis happened again today, but I tried to sleep through it. It worked.

It didn’t hurt to take the needle out of my port. Actually, I didn’t even know she had taken it out. I was so out of it. Took something for pain to get me through the rest of the day, as my daughter and son in law were coming over and I didn’t want to be a downer! It was a nice visit!

Round 33 starting November 5th.